Kashmir - how to deal with the conflict

For now more than 60 years, Kashmir has been an unresolved issue for India. The most recent agitation in August 2008 again brought Kashmir back into the national headlines. In the Hindu on September 6, 2008, Kanti Bajpai presented a thoughtful analysis on whether a secession of Kashmir from India would be the answer to this problem, possibly becoming an independent state or merging with Pakistan. The author's conclusion is that this would not solve the problems. Given the author's detailed analysis, I have to concur. But then again, this editorial also does not provide an alternative route for addressing the issue. That induced me to write a Letter to the Editor.

The article convincingly argues that there are no grounds for secession. And that if Kashmir secedes, the stability and well-being of the Kashmiris cannot be guaranteed. But is a separate State for the Kashmir Valley the answer? An own State would give the people of the Kashmir Valley greater power over their destiny. At the same time, it may let them see the advantages of being part of India.