Weekend trip to Kerala

For an extended weekend in January 2009 AdVentura organized a trip to Kerala. We were a total of twelve people on this trip, that first included trekking in the Wayanad district. And at the end we had a stay on a house boat in Kumarakom.
The same report is also available in German

The first part of the trip led to the Wayanad district. There we hiked up the Vellarimala. However, we were too late in order to make it to the peak. Instead, we went to a big waterfall. And a few of us continued some more following the creek.

Waterfall on the slopes of Vellarimala Waterfall on the slops of Vellarimala

Above the waterfall Going further up following the creek

That same evening we continued for Wayanad, in order to be near the Edakkal Caves. However, there was a flower show in Wayanad. And all the hotels were booked! Luckily, we were able to spend the night at a tea plantation thanks to a personal contact.

The tea plantation in the morning twilight

The Edakkal Caves were already used in prehistoric times and contain petroglyphs. We also continued up to the peak of that same mountain that contains the caves. We were among the first to reach the peak. Soon afterwards it got really crowded (even women with sari made it up the peak). And traffic jams like in Bangalore developed.

Edakkal Cave The peak above the Edakkal Caves

On the same afternoon we continued for Kumarakom, where we spent the night on a houseboat. And on the next day we had a relaxed cruise with the houseboat on the Vembanad Lake, before heading back for Bangalore.

A river in the early-morning light Other houseboats on the Vembanad Lake

Group photo with the houseboat