Horst Väth

Horst Väth

Contact: horstvaeth@yahoo.de
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Dear guest,

thank you for visiting my website. Here I want to give you a brief overview of what this site has to offer.

Originally I studied astrophysics. After finishing with a Ph.D., I worked as a researcher in this field at the University of Kiel for two years. This site offers a description of my research in astrophysics. In fall of 1996 I left astrophysics in order to pursue a carreer as a software engineer. I have been working in the software industry ever since.

Through work I got the opportunity to move to Bangalore, India in May 2006. I moved back to Germany at the end of April 2009. You may read a summary of my impressions of India. Naturally, this also provided an opportunity to see a little bit of this huge country. Some travel reports I put on this webpage.

Here are some descriptions of trips outside of India.

My main hobby is diving. If you are interested, you may find out about my diving activities, diving trips, and diving courses that I teach.

I follow current events and form my own opinions. Here are a list of opinions I have written.

Please follow this link to find some informations on my brother Klaus.

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