Horst Všth

Horst Všth

Contact: horstvaeth@yahoo.de
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I am diving since 1998. In summer 2002 I first became PADI divemaster and shortly afterwards PADI -OWSI- Instructor. I like to go diving in cold water. Furthermore, I have obtained a lot of experience with nitrox. Since March 2003 I also dive with trimix.

My favorite dive sites can be found in the Mediterranean Sea (Portofino / Italy, Gozo / Malta, Zakynthos / Greece), in the Red Sea, and in the Bodensee. Also, read about a trip to Lake Thun. But mainly I enjoy and often go diving in the lakes of the Rhein-Neckar region. Finally, here are some reports of other trips that involved at least some diving.

Approximately 70 % of the earth's surface are covered with water. If you want to discover some of this underwater world, then I can give you the necessary training in sports diving.

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